Other Services

GIS Mapping

Because of its proximity to the nationally recognized Department of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Solimar is able to provide high-quality GIS work on a wide range of topic areas.

Solimar's analytical methods combine current land use, market conditions, the regulatory environment, aerial photography, GIS data, and other datasets to assess available land resources in an innovative way. The firm's analysts have considerable experience in gathering geographically based datasets from a wide variety of sources and combining them creatively to reveal current development patterns and future development potential. All of Solimar's research is expressed with both maps and statistical data.

In addition to the GIS aspects of the land use and infill development analyses described above, Solimar has provided the GIS component for many other projects. For example, Solimar took the lead in conducting GIS work on a major national study of multi-use trails in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The client was the Institute of Preventive Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California.

Public Opinion Surveys

Solimar has developed considerable expertise in constructing, implementing, and analyzing public opinion surveys associated with transportation and land-use issues. Working with reliable vendors to implement both telephone and online surveys and with leading academic experts to craft the surveys and analyze them, Solimar can provide unusual insight into larger planning issues. In particular, Solimar can use public opinion surveys to shape land use and policy recommendations.

Solimar conducted a major three-year travel behavior survey for the South Bay Cities Council of Governments. This survey resulted in one of the most significant travel behavior databases compiled in recent years (2,500 travel behavior surveys in 8 study areas within the same subregion of Los Angeles.) More recently, Solimar conducted a survey of educational needs among mostly low-income residents who could be served by Ventura College.

Speeches and Public Presentations

Solimar's president William Fulton is one of the most sought-after public speakers in the world of public policy. He speaks regularly on metropolitan growth patterns, land-use policy and the political aspects of land use. Mr. Fulton is represented by The Citistates Group. More information is available from Farley Peters at The Citistates Group at fpeters@citistates.com or (301) 855-6482.

Recent speeches include the following (keynote speaker in all cases):

  • American Planning Association, Upstate New York, Annual Conference Keynote Speaker (Auburn, N.Y., 2006)
  • Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce, Annual Economic Development Breakfast (2006)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Smart Growth Speaker Series, National Building Museum (Washington, D.C. 2006)
  • Urban Land Institute, Sacramento Council (2006)
  • City of Reno Annual Employee Luncheon (2005)
  • Nevada Chapter, American Planning Association, Keynote Speaker (Reno, 2005)
  • Sacramento Old City Association, Annual Meeting, (2005)
  • San Diego Association of Governments, Annual Retreat (2005)
  • City of Santa Monica, General Plan Speaker Series (2005)
  • Western New York Smart Growth Speaker Series (Buffalo, New York, 2005)
  • Truckee Meadows Livable Communities Speaker Series (Reno 2004)
  • Orange County Council of Governments, Annual Assembly, Keynote Speaker (Tustin, California, 2004)
  • Teichert Land Co., Annual Meeting (Sacramento, 2004)
  • Westside Urban Forum, Annual Meeting (Los Angeles, 2004)
  • City of Riverside, Neighborhood Planning Summit (2004)
  • California Redevelopment Association, Annual Conference (Monterey, California, 2003)
  • Oregon Planning Institute, Keynote Speaker (Eugene, Oregon, 2002)
  • Association of Bay Area Governments, Keynote Speaker, General Assembly (Oakland, 2002)
  • Treasure Valley Partnership, Annual Retreat (Boise, 2002)
  • Kansas City Design Center, Lecture Series (2002)
  • League of California Cities, City Managers Department Annual Meeting (San Diego, 2002)
  • Inland Empire Economic Summit (Riverside, California 2002)
  • South Bay Cities Council of Governments, General Assembly (Torrance, California, 2002)
  • Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce Annual Economic Development Summit (2001)
  • Utah League of Cities and Towns, Annual Conference (Salt Lake City, 2001)
  • League of California Cities, Planners Institute (Monterey, California, 2000)