Infill Development Policies and Site Identification

Solimar specializes in helping public agencies craft policies that "make infill work," and in helping private developers find infill sites. Our analytical methods combine current land use, market conditions, the regulatory environment, aerial photography, GIS data, and other datasets to assess available land resources in an innovative way. The firm's analysts have considerable experience in gathering geographically based datasets from a wide variety of sources and combining them creatively to reveal current development patterns and future development potential. All of Solimar's research is expressed with both maps and statistical data.

Infill Development Site Identification

Solimar's cutting-edge GIS tools can assist both private developers and public agencies to identify the best potential sites for infill development. Using methods developed in-house, Solimar has the flexibility to use a wide variety of geographically based criteria to identify parcels that might be ripe for infill development. Our method combines assessors parcel data, zoning and land use data, aerial photography, trends in real estate development, and other datasets. The tool was originally developed to identify infill housing sites but can also be used to identify sites for parks, industrial development, schools, and other public infrastructure and private developments.

Clients have included housing developers - for-profit and non-profit, affordable and market rate - in metropolitan Los Angeles and metropolitan New York.

Infill Development Policy Analysis

Solimar has also been at the forefront of using both GIS and economic analysis to test the likely success of infill policies. By identifying likely infill parcels and prototypical infill projects that local developers are likely to pursue, Solimar can create a realistic assessment of future infill development possibilities. By using pro-forma analysis, Solimar can determine whether a jurisdictions current infill policies are economically feasible for developers and test alternative policy scenarios (i.e., different densities and parking requirements) as well. Solimar is also expert at crafting infill policies that allow parking and other neighborhood problems at the "district" level, thus allowing more flexibility at the parcel level.

Recent projects include: