Growth Management and Smart Growth Policy

Solimar also has a wide range of experience in evaluating other planning policies and tools, including the creation and assessment of growth management systems as well as implementation assistance for "smart growth" policies. By using research and analysis, Solimar is able to provide land-use policy recommendations that are not "cookie-cutter" in nature, but are tailored toward each individual situation.

Growth Management and Other Planning Policies

Solimar has a long history of tracking and assessing growth management systems throughout the United States, especially in California. Our analysts are able to craft and revise growth management systems so that they are more likely to achieve desired goals. With a proprietary 20-year database of growth management ballot measures in California, we understand both the range of possible options and the political concerns that growth management raises.

Clients have included:

"Smart Growth" Implementation Assistance

Working with the Smart Growth Leadership Institute under an EPA grant, Solimar staff has helped developed both assessments tools for both planning policy documents and zoning and subdivision codes. These tools can help local governments assess whether their codes are likely to be effective in achieving Smart Growth goals and how they might be changed to better achieve those goals.

In addition, Solimar staff has worked with SGLI is creating a "strategic assessment" method, designed to assist communities in determining how best to move forward strategically to implement smart growth policies and ideas.

We have used these assessment tools in many communities around the nation, listed below:

  • Orange County, Florida
  • Nashville-Davison County, Tennessee
  • Mount Joy-Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Coconino County, Arizona
  • Fulton County, Georgia
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Davis, California
  • Rancho Cordova, California
  • Newton County, Georgia