Demographics and Economics

In the arena of demographic and economic, Solimar can combine conventional analytical tools with innovative approaches that once again provide a level of detail and sophistication lacking in most planning reports. Solimar can also bring detailed economic, market, and land-use analysis to economic development strategies.

Economic Analysis and Economic Development Strategies

Like most planning consultants, Solimar can provide traditional fiscal impact studies to estimate post-development demand for public services and flow of funds into government coffers. But the Solimar team can also describe broader economic conditions and how those conditions might change in the future through the use of input-output modeling.

By combining business and market analysis and Solimar's cutting-edge land-use analytical capabilities, Solimar can create economic development strategies that find new and often overlooked opportunities that are especially tailored to each community.

Clients include:

Demographic and Housing Demand Analysis

On the demographic side, Solimar's team makes creative use of the Census and many other data sources to provide fine-grained detail and new insight into current population and housing patterns, as well as detailed forecasts of future change.

Solimar and its affiliated researchers can use many data sources to provide a much more detailed examination of demnographic trends than the typical planning consultant. Specifically: Solimar's analysts can provide detail about a communitys current and future age distribution and ethnic makeup; and can characterize and quantify the different types of households that are most common in the community. This analysis can, in turn, be used to forecast the demand for housing and community services. People of different agencies, ethnicities, incomes, and household situations all have different needs for housing and for other community services. The Solimar approach goes far beyond the "coarse level" of analysis typical in most planning reports.

Clients include: