Our Staff

William Fulton

President & CEO

William Fulton

William Fulton is the founding President and CEO of Solimar Research Group. He is the author of several landmark books on land use and cities, including Guide to California Planning, The Reluctant Metropolis, and The Regional City. He is also the co-author of many important studies on land-use patterns, including Sprawl Hits The Wall and Who Sprawls Most? A graduate of the UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Mr. Fulton is also a Senior Scholar at the School of Planning, Policy, and Development at the University of Southern California and was elected to the Ventura (Calif.) City Council in 2003. He has spoken on growth and planning trends throughout to groups throughout the United States and is represented for speaking engagements by The Citistates Group.

Aaron Engstrom

Research Associate & Project Manager

Aaron Engstrom is a research associate and project manager for Solimar's in-house research team. He started at Solimar as an intern before graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental resource management from California State University Channel Islands (2005). He has worked on three urban mixed-use-center studies for the South Bay Council of Governments and has completed extensive economic analysis for the Cities of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Rolling Hills Estates, Compton, Lawndale and Fillmore. He has conducted community surveys for Ventura College to determine new campus locations. Aaron has also performed various GIS operations on infill projects for Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles, including one that involved the development and application of an environmental justice methodology specifically designed for infill development. Recently, Aaron has worked with Fregonese Associates to complete a growth visioning workshop for Ventura County that includes analysis of urbanization patterns and population forecasts to determine when urban growth boundaries will be exhausted.

Jessica Daniels

Research Associate

Jessica Daniels recently joined Solimar as a summer fellow with a Masters of Regional Planning from Cornell University (2007). At Cornell, Jess focused her studies on land use planning and economic development. For her Master's Thesis, Jess undertook an economic impact analysis of Light in Winter, a three-day arts and science festival in Ithaca, New York. Jess spent a summer as an intern with the Livable Communities Coalition in Atlanta, her hometown, where she assisted in the outreach and education of quality growth principles in the metro-area (2006).

Prior to attending graduate school, Jess received her B.A. in economics from the University of Montana, where she focused on the valuation of environmental policy in the Mountain West (2005). Jess's interest in planning originates from her desire to see sprawling metro-regions grow stronger and smarter with increased housing and transportation choices. At Solimar, she undertakes a variety of research projects including demographic, market, and spatial analyses that contribute to the suite of economic and policy tools available to clients.

Paul Shigley

Paul Shigley has been the Editor of California Planning & Development Report, Solimar's sister organization, since 1999. Prior to joining CP&DR he was a newspaper reporter and editor in Northern California for 12 years, during which time he covered everything from county fair pig judging to government land use policy. More recently, his work has appeared in Governing and Planning magazines, and on the op-ed pages of The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Sacramento Bee and the Bakersfield Californian. A graduate of California State University, Sacramento, he and his wife, Dana, live in the Shasta County community of Centerville. He is also co-author of the third edition of Guide to California Planning.

Sara Smith

Research Associate


Karin Garite

Chief Financial Officer