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About Solimar Research Group

Solimar Research Group is a network of researchers and analysts dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality services to planning consultants, government agencies, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations engaged in planning for the future growth and change of communities.

Our mission is to provide solid research and policy analysis on land-use and related issues so that government land-use policymakers can make informed decisions.

Land-use decisions are often made in a highly charged political environment. Local and regional agencies often adopt land use policies and tools with little knowledge about whether they are effective and what their impact is likely to be on the community where they are adopted or on the larger region in which that community is located. We are committed to building a stronger base of solid knowledge with which to make decisions about local and regional land use, metropolitan growth patterns, and related policy concerns. We work with a variety of research and policy analysis partners across the ideological spectrum in order to improve the information available to policy makers and others interested in the field.

Solimar Research Group Inc. making land use policies workSince its creation in 2000, Solimar has worked in several pathbreaking research reports about the "post-suburban" era in both California and the nation. Up to now, most of this research has been conducted on behalf of think tanks and academic institutions. Now Solimar is making this same high-quality analytical capability available to local governments and planning consultants. In addition, Solimar has recently worked on creating several new, innovative state-of-the-art analytical tools to help communities examine current conditions and envision alternatives for the future - qualitatively, geographically, and statistically.

Solimar's headquarters location in Ventura, California, places the organization in one of the nation's hotbeds of experimental land-use policy. A small staff in the Solimar office in Ventura, California, is augmented by a national network of distinguished academics, consultants, and writers, who are located all around the country. The affiliated researchers are experienced academics, consultants, and writers with a wide range of experience in analyzing land-use policy. Most of Solimar's researchers have advanced degrees in City and Regional Planning or a related field and are proficient in policy analysis, statistical analysis, and spatial/geographical analysis. Solimar's researchers are equally proficient in urban and environmental land use policy issues.

Solimar's corporate umbrella also includes an editorial and publishing operation that is responsible for California Planning & Development Report, a periodical available both in hard copy and online (www.cp-dr.com).

Solimar Research Group Inc. making land use policies workSolimar is located in the Feraud General Merchandise Store building in downtown Ventura, a brick structure dating from 1903 that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Feraud Building also houses ArchiTexture, a cutting-edge salon that also features local artwork and live music. The building is owned by the Addison Family Trust, which also owns the nearby Bell Arts Factory, a former mattress factory that has been converted into a community of artists.