Solimar's mission is to provide solid research and policy analysis on land-use and related issues so that government land-use policymakers can make informed decisions. Land-use decisions are often made in a highly charged political environment, sometimes with little information about whether they will be effective. Solimar is committed to building a stronger base of solid knowledge with which to make decisions about local and regional land use, metropolitan growth patterns, and related policy concerns. We use a combination of geographical, statistical, and qualitative methods to provide a well-rounded view

Infill Development Policies and Site Identification

Solimar specializes in helping public agencies craft policies that "make infill work," and in helping private developers find infill sites. Our analytical methods combine current land use, market conditions, the regulatory environment, aerial photography, GIS data, and other datasets to assess available land resources in an innovative way.

Transferable Development Rights

Solimar has devised and assessed transferable development rights programs throughout the country. Unlike other TDR consultants, Solimar uses expertise in environmental and land economics and brings a market-oriented approach to TDR projects, thus helping to ensure that TDR systems actually achieve land conservation and urban development goals in their implementation.

Growth Management and Smart Growth Policy

Solimar also has a wide range of experience in evaluating other planning policies and tools, including the creation and assessment of growth management systems as well as implementation assistance for "smart growth" policies.

Demographics and Economics

In the arena of demographic and economic, Solimar can combine conventional analytical tools with innovative approaches that once again provide a level of detail and sophistication lacking in most planning reports.

Other Services

Solimar also provides a variety of other services, including:

  • GIS analysis for any type of project
  • Public opinion survey research
  • Keynote speeches by William Fulton

Staff Blog

ReportJanuary, 2007
Solimar in conjunction with Los Angeles County releases infill study on the proposed Exposition light rail line in South Los Angeles
Exposition Line Infill Development Potential Analysis (PDF, 3.89 MB)

ReportJuly, 2006
Solimar in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning and the Southern California Association of Governments releases infill study on unincorporated urban areas of Los Angeles County.
Study of Infill Development Potential in the Unincorporated Areas of Los Angeles County (PDF, 3.53 MB)
The Reluctant MetropolisThe Reluctant Metropolis: The Politics of Urban Growth in Los Angeles
Author: William Fulton
Published: August 2001
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press